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Q Academy offers evidence-based learning designed to provide educators with a self-paced approach for mastering the Q SIS product suite. With two distinct tracks tailored for teachers and office administrators, our module ensures a customized experience aimed at promoting user adoption and success.

Our professional learning program equips educators, office staff, and technology personnel with an interactive and effective method to gain proficiency in our Student Information System, Q.



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The Power of Q Academy

Q Academy transforms learning the Q Student Information System into engaging lessons. By progressing through levels and missions, users not only gain proficiency, but also collect badges that serve as proof of their expertise, making Q Academy a powerful tool for boosting confidence and validating knowledge.

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Continuing Education Credits

Staff can earn continuing education credits that contribute to their required professional development.

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Interactive Learning

Our program is built in an interactive learning environment & focuses on engaging course material.

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Self-Paced Tracks

Q Academy offers a self-paced learning approach with badges to showcase users’ Q mastery.