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This fully integrated Q add-on module allows users to quickly and accurately analyze district data to report on trends, identify at-risk students, target problem areas, and discover solutions.

Through Q Analytic’s user-friendly interface and adjustable settings, users can easily access and gain more control over their most vital district data.



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Data at Your Fingertips

With Q Analytics, users can digitally track student progress, performance, and success to inform decision making for positive change and intervention. With custom dashboards and drill down options, users can access data right at their fingertips.


The Power of Q Analytics

Q Analytic's intuitive interface and easily customized settings give users more control over the data that's most important to them. Filters and drill down options allow administrators and teachers greater visibility into their district's data.


Custom Dashboards

Create custom dashboards with visual graphs to display the data most important to you.


Drill Downs & Filters

Dig deeper with drill downs and filters to hone in on specific pieces of data.


Real Time Data

Users can easily and accurately pull and analyze district data in real time.


Student Intervention

Determine at-risk students for intervention to keep them on track to graduate.